Praying for a
disciple making movement
in Indiana.

- #Pray4Indiana

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Who We Are

#Pray4Indiana serves as a connection point for anyone with a passion to see a disciple making movement in Indiana.

Join our email prayer guide, follow us on social media, or join us for a prayer-walk. Above all, pray with us to see spiritual life poured out on our state.

Email Prayer Guide

We offer a regular prayer guide that includes challenges, quotes, and scripture focusing on Indiana issues. These serve as a help to focus us and help us pray together. Join our Prayer Guide

Social Media

Our same email challenges can also be followed on social media. Join our online prayer warriors. Facebook

Prayer Walks

Prayer walking is key. Our faith is intended to be a light on a hill. Getting out and praying over sections of the city and over the people who are there has born fruit in every nation on the planet. Indiana is no different. Check out our Facebook Events page.

Movement Training

If you have a small group or sunday school that would like training on prayer walking or discipleship training on making disciples who multiply, contact us.

New Trainings Needed
New Churches Needed

What We Care About

We know that every disciple making movement in history has begun with Extraordinary Prayer.

“You do not have because you do not ask God.” – James 4:2
“The story of every great Christian achievement is the history of answered prayer.” – E.M. Bounds


#Pray4Indiana loves God, loves people, and helps Christians fulfill the Great Commission by mobilizing prayer.


#Pray4Indiana promotes strategic prayer for movement, knowing that ( based upon research ) extraordinary prayer is found at the root of all modern movements.


#Pray4Indiana will never ask for money or market to you on behalf of others. The resources and events we may mention will always be for the benefit and connection of the community.


#Pray4Indiana welcomes collaboration of all Christians.


#Pray4Indiana cares that obedient disciples of Jesus Christ make more obedient disciples. Obeying all that Jesus commanded includes making disciples who make disciples.


#Pray4Indiana strives to neither under- nor over-estimate man’s role in disciple multiplication movements. God declared prayer as the vehicle for seeking and receiving his kingdom in the place we live.


#Pray4Indiana asks everyone to not only pray but also to mobilize prayer through relationships and opportunities God provides.


#Pray4Indiana is super brief, usually 1-to-3 lines long. We aim to provoke directed prayer, not monologue.

Not Political

#Pray4Indiana is not a political agenda, rather an effort for sinners who have found forgiveness in Christ to share this Good News with others.

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